Recently, a new name has been trending over different social media platforms. Yes, the name of the girl Gwyneth Chua and many people talking about her because she did such a stupid thing and become Poblacion Girl.

Who Is Gwyneth Chua

Let us tell you that she is an American woman from the United States and come to the trend after being accused of cutting COVID-19 quarantine in the Philippines. The happening took place at a hotel in Makati city, and now around 15 people who came in contact with Chua have tested positive for COVID-19.

Who Is Gwyneth Chua?

Talking about the girl, her full name is Gwyneth Ann Chua and she attends a grand party in the Poblacion District. After the party, the Philippine Star described Chua as a returning overseas Filipino (ROF). Some official sources reported that “Chua checked into the hotel on Dec. 22, attended the party on Dec. 23, and tested positive for COVID-19 on Dec. 27”.

After knowing about this incident, people are furious at Chua on different social media platforms. The sources also claimed that the hotel has been under investigation after being accused of allowing Chua to skip the quarantine protocols.

She arrived from the United States and did not follow the quarantine protocols and skipped to take precautions. Not only this, but she also attended a party and meet with several people. The Interior Chief said, “The problem is that the people she was with for dinner and at the bar have already tested positive for COVID-19. About 15 have tested positive already”.


Who is Poblacion Girl? Wiki- Bio

Let us also tell you that Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Dionardo Carlos said on 31st December that he has directed the “Criminal Investigation and Investigation Group (CIDG) to file a complaint” against Chua.

Now, many people talking about Chua on different social media platforms. One of the users of Twitter wrote “Happy New Year, except to Gwyneth Chua”. Another Twitter user wrote, “Let me just release my frustration because of Gwyneth Chua aka ‘Poblacion girl’ Your selfish and irrational action can now result in another drastic number of COVID-19 cases,

knowing the fact that you have omicron variant, which cannot be easily detected but still denying it”. Now, the investigation is going on and many people are talking about Gwyneth Chua because of the activity that she did after attending the party.


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