Recently a piece of big news is coming out in which sources have shared that a woman has received deep injuries while trying to take her life. So, the case is about the hotel in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Let us tell you that the name of that woman is Gungun Upadhyay who is currently struggling with life-threatening injuries.

gungun upadhyay death video

As told in the sources, Gungun tried to take her life on Saturday night. Not only this, but before taking such a big step, she had also talked to her father and informed him that she was going to commit suicide.

Who Is Gungun Upadhyay?

Talking about Gungun, she is a fashion model by profession who grew up in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Not only this, but the day she tried to kill herself by jumping from the sixth floor of the hotel, she came back from Udaipur to Jodhpur the same night.

Let us tell you that this fashion model named Gungun tried to kill herself by jumping from the sixth floor of Hotel Lord’s Inn in the Ratanada area of Jodhpur. At present, she is battling with life-threatening wounds in the hospital and doctors have also said that she is not in a condition to talk yet. At present, the police are involved in the investigation of the case.

As we mentioned above, she talked to her father before jumping off the sixth floor of the hotel. Gungun called her father and told him that she is going to take her own life. At the same time, she had also told her father that when he sees her, then look at her face.

Gungun Upadhyay Death Video

Gungun’s father Ganesh informed the police as soon as he cut the call. Then the police started their investigation and they traced Gungun’s phone and found out her location. But Ganesh and the police were late in reaching her as Gungun had jumped off the terrace.

Talking about the condition of Gungun, she is still battling serious injuries and is currently not in a condition to talk about. As soon as Gungun’s father and the police arrived at the Hotel Lord’s Inn, they took Gungun to the hospital immediately. Due to the jump from the sixth floor, Gungun has suffered fractures in the leg and chest bone.

Not only this, but Gungun also lost a lot of blood after falling. The police are also engaged in its investigation and are constantly trying to find out why Gungun tried to take her life. As of now, it is very difficult to confirm why Gungun Upadhyay tried to commit suicide. The police are also waiting for when Gungun will come back to her senses.


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