Who Is Grant Gaumer? Lindbergh High School Teacher Arrested: Grant Gaumer, A Lindbergh-based High School teacher, 37 years of age has been accused of s#xual assault against one of his students. The reports have been coming from a High School, the St. Louis County. The teacher used to have worked there for a long time. He has been charged with two counts of statutory sodomy excluding the count of s#xually approaching a student.

Who Is Grant Gaumer Lindbergh High School Teacher Arrested, Involved In S3xual Activity

The allegation is that he put his penis inside the mouth and one other part of her body. The incident is expected to have happened a few months ago. Police suspect that there might also be more victims of the perverted teacher based on the fact that he used to have a lot of interactions with his students. He is currently being held on a $500,000 cash-only bond. The case is being handled by St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Who Is Grant Gaumer? Lindbergh High School Teacher Arrested From Missouri

Who Is Grant Gaumer?

The alleged teacher, Grant Gaumer worked as an assistant water polo coach as well. He was also associated with the Gay-Straight Alliance Group at St. Louis County. He is a resident of Glendale and had been a high school teacher for almost eight years.

The charges are yet to be proven against him. You all know, “Innocent until proven guilty”. The investigation is led by the Detectives from the St. Louis County Police Department’s Bureau of Crimes against Persons. We’ll cover all the updates related to the case as soon as we receive them.

Why Was Grant Gaumer Arrested?

No, This isn’t the first time that there have been s#xual acts performed by the teacher against a student. There have been previous instances of these heinous activities as well.

One such incident was the case of a high school track coach s3xually assaulting his students. The victim’s name was Emilie and the coach was charged with sodomy. But, the charges were dropped against him when the victim had a tragic death. There had been many victims of the coach.

This case got national attention when the victims started to come forward many years later. Emilie was unfortunate that she had to stand alone and suffer which made her die. There were a lot of victims and the St. Louis County confirmed the investigation of each case and asked the other victims to come forward as well.

We hope that strict actions in the near future will prevent other acts like these do not happen. If there are any updates regarding the case then we’ll make sure to bring them to you.

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