Who Is Francisco Torres and why was Cartel Leader Arrested? Charges Explained: A recent incident that happened in Sonora has changed the environment and sparked the deadly circumstances and environment as 60 assassins have been sent by the Sinaloa Cartel from Delta Group and its armed wing of Gente Nueva to Altar, Sonora. Sonora is under the threat of assassination as the armed wing will try to rescue arrested Francisco Torres Carranza who was arrested a while ago. Who is Francisco Torres? We have a lot to discuss regarding the arrest news of Francisco Torres and the charges against him. Francisco Torres is also famous as El Duranguillo. You will get to read further details about Francisco Torres aka El Duranguillo in the coming next divisions of this article. Keep reading it and must take a look below for more details. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Who Is Francisco Torres?

As per the reports, El Duranguillo aka Francisco Torres was arrested by as many as 15 soldiers when Francisco Torres refused to be bribed. Reportedly, Francisco Torres was offered to take ten million pesos under the table but he refused to take the money. El Duranguillo is a term  that is used for the plaza boss of Los Cazadores El Altar, Sonora. And Francisco Torres is said to be the boss of this armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel. Keep reading it for more details about Francisco Torres.

Francisco Torres Arrested

As per the additional reports, Francisco Torres is the head of the Delta Group in Gente Nueva in Sinaloa Cartel. In addition, Gente Nueva is being controlled and ruled by the son of prisoned Joaquin El Chapo Guzman known as Chapitos. As per the source, Francisco Torres was arrested on Saturday in Sonora. But what are the charges against him? Let’s take a look below for more details about him.

Why was Francisco Torres Arrested?

The National Defense Secretary said, “by not receiving the bribe the military personnel demonstrated the values of military honor, loyalty, courage, and sacrifice” this is the reason the members of the organized criminal group have become more aggressive. According to the statement released by Sedena, Francisco Torres was arrested on the Saric Highway and he was taken into a black truck with force. To Francisco Torres take out of the prison the Sinaloa Cartel has sent 60 assassins from the Delta Group and armed wing to Altar, Sonora from the custody of 15 Mexican soldiers. That’s all for now about Francisco Torres. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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