Another horrifying murder news has been updating from Florida where a nine-month pregnant woman was found dead in Riverview Park in Jacksonville. The body of the woman was found on Saturday, September 25, 2021, and the woman has been identified as Felicia Jones, 21 and she was due to birth to a new life in this work till next week on October 8, 2021.

9-Months Pregnant Woman Found Dead in Florida Park new

According to the reports, the woman was expecting a baby boy and the heartbreaking incident was reported at around 6 AM early morning on Sunday when the lady was found inside a park when an individual came into the part to walk.

9-Months Pregnant Woman Found Dead in Florida Park

Till now, the cause of her death has not been ascertained yet and the police is investing the case and calling this a suspicious death with foul play also expected there. For the last few times, many incidents have been reporting by police and the incident took place when the entire country did not come out by the death of Gabby Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie was mysterious disapperance that’s creating big problems for the investigators.

The incident of such kind of case has been rising in the country and Felicia Jone’s tragic death is also shocking many people and creating big issues among the people. Still, the case of Gabby Petito is underway and police is in the search of her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

According to the official sources, the office of the Jacksonville Sheriff reported a 911 call in the early of the morning about the unidentified body in the park. Soon, the officer rushed towards the park and pronounced her dead at the spot. However, the officer did not reveal the details of a woman.

On the other side, the family of Felicia Jones set up a GoFundMe page to maintain the expenses for the expecting mother. As per the sources, her child was about to get the name “Ma’Kailand”. The details of her family members and her husband have not been disclosed.

Many people have gone shocked after hearing this incident that took place in their area and even, a scary atmosphere has made its space around the area. The cause of her death is still strange and the investigation has been started to find the culprit behind this crime. The Jones family is requesting privacy in this hard time.

While the officer also urged anyone with any kind of information regarding the death of Felicia Jones so, they can contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office at 904 630 0500. Officers will keep their identities confidential.


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