Who Is Father Bheki Joseph Motloung? Missing Priest Found at Bergville Dam: We are feeling sad for the close ones of father Bheki Joseph Motloung since we have found out that father Bheki Joseph Motloung has passed away. Yes, the priest Bheki Joseph Motloung is no more with us. The news of his demise was confirmed yesterday. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Missing Priest Found

Who was Father Bheki Joseph Motloung?

Earlier it was speculated that Bheki Joseph Motloung might have missed but now we have been informed that he was found dead. Now people are questioning when, where, and how Bheki Joseph Motloung died. It is quite difficult to answer all three questions regarding Bheki Joseph Motloung’s death news but yet we have tried our best to give you every bit of information related to Bheki Joseph Motloung available right now on the internet. Kindly fetch more about Bheki Joseph Motloung in the further sections.

First of all, we have to make it clear who confirmed and shared the news of Bheki Joseph Motloung’s death. As per the source, the Vicar General named father Elian Kwenzakufani Zondo shared the news of Bheki Joseph Motloung’s demise. Elias Kwenzakufani wrote, “it is with the deepest sadness that father Bheki Joseph Motloung’s body was discovered at the Bergville Dam yesterday evening.” Keep reading this article to learn more details about him.

Missing Priest Found

As per the source, the body of Bheki Joseph Motloung was found by the Catholic Archdiocese of Durban yesterday evening. It was the point in time when everyone started mourning his demise. Prior to discovering the dead body of Bheki Joseph Motloung, everyone was praying for Bheki Joseph Motloung’s well-being. But God had taken his decision and called him to heaven. Elias Kwenzakufani Zondo also said, “We are thankful to God for having Bheki Joseph Motloung’s body and we believe that he is resting in peace.” Kindly scroll down the page for further details and information.

Elias also thanked all the people for Bheki Joseph Motloung when he was going missing. But in the end, he was found dead. The statement given by Elias further reads, “we ask that you continue praying for Bheki Joseph Motloung’s purest soul and for his family members who are going through this difficult time.” Father Elias also claimed that he continues to touch with late father Bheki Joseph Motloung’s family. The late father was the parish priest and he was last seen on 5th June 2022. But he was found dead on 2nd July 2022.


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