Same as every time here is a news story that going to cover.  Right now people are curious to know about a TikTok user who is getting viral over the internet and there are lots of things that you should know about her. We are talking about Eve Culling who is a TikTok user and getting such huge attention because of her videos on $exual Abuse, Addiction and Mental Health.

Who Is Eve Culling On TIkTok

if you still do not go to get an account then we strongly recommend you to know about her in this article and watch the videos that she shared on her Instagram.

Who Is Eve Culling On TikTok?

Now the question arises that, who is Eve Culling? then we want to tell you she is a 20 years old TikTok user who has posted just 6 videos on her Instagram but till now all these six videos are the most viewed videos on Instagram.

These videos contain her experience with $exual Abuse, Addiction and Mental Health. She has shared her traumatic experience of all these. In these videos, she expressed her experience and how she recovers from all this. What was the process and all?

She has shared the story that when she was just 13 years old and got $exualy assaulted by a stranger on a family trip. Eve said the incident severely affected her mental health and she turned to drugs to deal with it. Her addiction saw her in and out of rehab for years. At the end of these videos, she was able to recover and deal with her trauma by seeking therapy.

TikToker Well-Known For Inspiring Stories

After when the video got viral on the internet many people start following her account and within a few hours number of her followers went to the peak. Currently, she has lots of followers along with millions of views on her videos. It was absolutely unexpected for her. Currently, her Wikipedia detail is not available and are yet to come. We will tell you briefly about everything when it comes to our knowledge.

Along with the lots of views over these videos, there are lots of comments also by the users. There are some of the comments that you should read and know before watching the videos.

One commented, “There are so many girls and woman that will benefit from hearing this. Trauma isn’t a one trick pony. It can manifest in many different ways.” Another wrote, “Thank you for sharing. You are giving hope to a lot of women who need someone to relate to. stay cool.” For further information, you can bookmark teh page in your browser and get all the related updates on time.


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