Social media has been filled with lots of popular controversies and among those, another one has entered which is being followed by many people in the last few hours. An Instagram personality who is known for his amazing content, fashion, and TikTok, Eric Ruiz’s video has gone viral among his followers after his explicit video went viral on social media and his more than 1 million fans are searching for the video to watch. Everyone is getting excited to watch the explicit video of Eric Ruiz which is going by name Mini Buyers Twitter Video among all his followers.

Who Is Eric Ruiz

According to the sources, the video captured massive attention because of its explicit content, and now, it has become one of the most popular reasons why Instagram personalities have been growing? Some of their private videos go viral and they get huge attention on social media. The link of the video is available on the Internet and the report was created by NewPakWeb.Com. The link of the video is also available on the page to watch and those who haven’t watched the entire video, can visit the page and find the link to watch.

Mini Buyers Eric Ruiz Twitter Video Viral

Since the video went leaked on the Internet, many people have watched it before it was removed after claiming it had explicit content. While many people downloaded the video to keep it safe before it get lost. Let us tell you that the video is currently circulating on social media and watched by millions of people on the Internet. It believes that the content was first shared on Twitter.

Later, it was shared on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Reddit as well. Most of people are leaving their reactions and reviews over the explicit video of the Instagram personality. According to the explicit video, he was showing his d#@k in a video and the person who is standing on the side, couldn’t see clearly.

Who Is Eric Ruiz?

Well, Eric Ruiz is a Spanish social media star who is also known as a Minibuyer among his fans and loved ones. He has an Instagram account with the username @ericcruiiz where he has more than 1.1 million followers including 659 following and 196 posts. Well, the fashion stylist didn’t keep his account private. He used to share his fashion and lifestyle photo blogging including as a prolific soccer player.

Eric created his Instagram account in March 2014 and since then, he has been grabbing his fame. While the personality has more than 1 million fans on TikTok as well. He had posted his pictures with the biggest soccer players like Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Arturo Vidal. Youtuber XBuyer is the older brother of Eric Ruiz. He has two older sisters named Sandra and Nia.


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