OnlyFans is one of the biggest platforms for the bold and erotic content for the fans. There are several ladies who are earning a huge amount of money from this platform by sharing some hot images and videos with their fans.

Who Is Emily Mai

Not only this but some content gets viral from the platform and it become a hot topic on social media because netizens want to know about the women and the content. Today, we will talk about another woman who just captured massive attention on social media because of her venereal content.

Australia’s single mother known as Emily Mai has come into controversy after she revealed to the fans that she used to click the erotic pictures of herself while her little one is asleep in the next room. Emily Mai is a 31-years-old OnlyFans model and a mother of a 15-month-old baby boy and has been earning a good earning through her videos and images to support her family. According to the sources, Emily makes as much as $250,000 annually through the OnlyFans platform and saving for the future of her son.

Who Is Emily Mai? OnlyFans Model Revealed

Let’s move to her Instagram profile where she has more than 97K followers and around 63K likes on her OnlyFans account. She is giving an exclusive service to her audience at $14,99 per month. When a single mother is not busy to seducing her fans and sharing her erotic images, Emily is just a simple mother for her son who cooks for her, goes on dates, and meets the mother’s group. Well, she has to hide her secrets from other women for the sake of her son.

As per the sources, Emily Mai had changed her jobs in the past few years which feels boring and before seven years, she joined the OnlyFans industry. Not only this but she was a manager for strippers until she became a stripper herself to entertain others.

She has been sharing such amazing content on the OnlyFans account for her subscriber and created a huge fan base among fans. When Emily got pregnant in November 2019, she found that she lost her few fans. But, it did not take much time to gain her popularity once again after giving birth to her child.

Emily Mai Wiki-Bio Age

She said,” When I had my boy, I wanted to do something where I couldn’t do in front of kid and bring the same amount of money”. She also revealed that her mother is conservative and doesn’t like to talk about her work and she asks her when she is going to get her office job.


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