Popular social media sensation and Youtuber, Elliana Walmsley has captured big attention on social media for the last day after some pictures of her from the hospital is going viral and fans are getting nervous and confused after watching those pictures on social media pages.


According to the sources, the American popular actress and model were seen lying on the bed with a bunch of flowers in her hand. Those pictures have gone viral on social media and fans are worrying that the influencer might have been involved in a tragic accident because of which, she was hospitalized.

Who Is Elliana Walmsley?

Now, some fans are also going confused about this picture because till now, the model did not share any single update or picture on her official Instagram profile related to any incident yet. @ellianawalmsley is an official account of Elliana Walmsley and till now, she did not share any kind of picture or status.

If the Instagram picture has you scratching your head, we need to share everything that we know and address every single rumor behind the hospital pictures of Elliana Walmsley. Since the news went viral on social media, it has been created a huge topic on the Internet.

What Happened To Elliana Walmsley

According to the sources, the pictures were posted by an Instagram account @thepaparazzigamer, and the Influencer was seen in the images in a hospital bed holding a bunch of flowers. When the images were seen by the fans, it left everyone in shock and they thought that something might have happened to the Youtuber.

Along with this, the caption also seemed with the picture that reads,” Get well soon @ellianawalmsley_. After that, the comment section was filled with several questions who just want to know about the situation of Elliana. Someone wrote,” OMG is she sick?”

Well, the reality has come out of the room because the viral picture is alleging that the hospital picture is likely for a new Youtube video of the Influencer. As we know that the model is also known as well known Youtuber who is also known for her prank videos.

She is pretty well known for posting prank videos and before few days ago, she also uploaded a joke video titled,” I Got Injured Doing Insane Acrobatics” which made everyone shocked.

Now, it has been confirmed that the model is coming with a new prank video which is creating a big excitement among fans after the reality came out. Even right now, the people are confused that what is the reality behind the video and if you know one them, you may share this article to know more about the model.


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