A brutal accident took place 18 hours before in which a car hit and run the motorcycle officer. A short video of the collision has taken rounds on the internet. Along with it, the video clearly indicates that the officer struck the car of Elizabeth Eaton who left him in a critical condition in the street.

Elizabeth Eaton Age

Later, the officer was taken to the hospital where doctors had to perform emergency surgery to save his life. On Tuesday morning, the Phoenix Police Department announced the arrest of Elizabeth as some detectives found her in the area of 18th and Glendale avenues late Monday.

Who Is Elizabeth Eaton?

She also said that detectives found a 2016 Dodge Journey parked in Eaton’s backyard near 19th Avenue and Camelback Road. Talking about the official statement, Justus said “The vehicle had damage matching the collision and other damage seen in the video surveillance footage”.

Now, the video that went viral on several social media platforms was captured by the surveillance camera installed at Lunch Box Café. It can be clearly seen in the video that the accident in which the officer was hit hard by the car and he fell badly on the road.

Now, the police department has arrested the woman who is 52 years old and charged for a hit and run case. Let us tell you that the video displays a dark minivan turning left in front of a motorcycle officer at the Bethany Home near 26th Avenue. The accident threw the officer off to his motorcycle.

Why Was Elizabeth Eaton Arrested?

In the footage, we can also see that the driver, Elizabeth Eaton, stopped for a moment after every fatally hitting the officer but then she fled. Let us tell you that the identity of the police officer has not been revealed at the moment.

But some sources claimed that he is suffering from a serious leg injury that required emergency surgery hours after the crash. So far, Justus hasn’t said any other details related to this case but she said that he is the part of the Traffic Bureau for 16 years and has been with the Phoenix Department.

Elizabeth Eaton Age: How Old Is She? 

Talking about the charges on Elizabeth Eaton, she is charged for suspicion of leaving the scene of an injury accident, and her court appearance is scheduled for late Tuesday morning. We will update our page when we get any further details. So, stay connected with us.


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