Recently, a piece of big news has been hitting the internet as a famous rapper DJ Kay Slay is currently suffering from COVID-19. Let us also tell you that he has been already passed 14 days. The news of his testing positive was shared by another rapper Wack 100 on his Instagram account.

Who is DJ Kay Slay

As we can see in the post shared by the rapper, it is clearly indicating that DJ Kay is currently in critical condition and needs more prayers from every of his fan. Just after the news hit the internet, the music industry has shocked to hear about this and all the netizens also hope to see him fine in a very short time.

Who is DJ Kay Slay?

Let us also tell you that DJ Kay Slay contracted Covid-19 some two weeks ago. His condition is fetching worse as he has already been in the hospital for 14 days. Some sources claimed that he is currently on the ventilator and it seems that any good news about his health cannot be expected by anyone.

There is no information available related to how he contracted the virus. As all of us already know that the virus is actually very deadly and Clay is currently fighting this virus.

DJ Kay Slay is yet alive and battling for his life. Though his condition is not stated to be fine, he is still alive because of medical supervision. There are already thousands of people are praying for his health and everyone just wants to see him fine again.

What Happened To Rapper DJ Kay Slay? 

Talking about the rapper, he is 55 years old and was born in 1966 in New York. The “Rolling 110 Deep” rapper honors his new era every year on August 14. Now, the rapper is currently suffering from a very deadly virus and his fans and followers are praying for his good health.

What Happened To Rapper DJ Kay Slay

Talking about his personal life, he did not disclose any information related to his married life and this is why we are not sure who is his wife. There are many fans who continuously trying to find some more details about his personal life but no one will get confirmed information.

We will update our page when we get any other information related to his personal life and health. We are not sure whether he is well or not but it is confirmed that rapper DJ Kay Slay is suffering from the deadly virus.


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