For the last day, a name has been circulating on social media and everyone is following the name to know about those. Diana Nader is the daughter-in-law of the murderer who later known as Page Nader. Many are searching about her and want to know if is she died? According to the social media posts and sources, Peggy Nader was found stabbed to death in her home. She was a Democratic activist and the accident happened in January 2014. Many are continuously searching about her and want to know the proper details of this incident.

Who Is Diana Nadell

According to the sources, her son named James and a daughter-in-law Diana Nader, daughter Susannah and son-in-law named Robert Scacia survived including her grandsons Leah and Harris Nadell. Many are continuously searching for them and want to know who are they? Are they alive? Is Diana Nadell suffered from an accident? Well, here are lots of web pages who are sharing the details of this horrific accident and want to know the cause behind this incident. Keep reading to get more updates.

Who Are Diana Nadell and Andrea Benson?

According to the sources, Diana Nadell was married to James Nadell. The couple lived together in Florida. The couple has two children together but Diana has two more sons from her previous relationship. As per the reports, the incident occurred on January 25, 2014. Later, sister of James, Sussane found Peggy dead at her home that morning.

Sussane called authorities after this incident. Later, the Sussane was found as suspect because she had removed the knife from her chest and was told during the 911 call that her mother have fallen on the knife accidentally. The case takes its turn when police were lead to Flordia by a name from a pay-as-you-go mobile on Peggy’s mobile. It was purchased for Diana by Karen Hamm-Samuel. Later, the authorities got to know about the horrific plan to assassinate their mother for a gain of money through the account of Diana.

Who Is Diana Nadell?

Diana Nadell must be between 55 to 60 years old. The personal details related to her life had not been revealed by the authorities. She will be released in the 2030s but this is not the actual date of her release. She was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years in prison.


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