An incident video is going viral and catching the attention of many fans on the Internet where a man can be seen surrounded by some police officers. The video is also showing the coverage of a police dog biting a teenage black boy’s leg for more than eight minutes. The video has gone viral over the Internet and many netizens are trying to find out the real fact behind this video.

Who Is Devondre Williams

The Canine dog breed was not releasing the young boy until the police officer near him shot him with a stun gun. The boy is identified as 17-years-old, Devondre Williams, and the boy claimed that he was not the person for whom police were searching for and even, police stopped him at the moment.

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17-Years-old Teen Was Bite by a Police Canine Dog

As per the recent reports, the mother of Williams, Tabbatha Woods said that there were some bites of a dog on the right leg. When she cleaned the blood and injury, they need to had some stitches on his injury because the injury was too deep. On the other side, the Granite Police Department said that Williams was trying to choke between their investigation by not giving the answer to their questions properly.

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While the witness who recorded the video of the incident and shared it all over the Internet said that the victim did not refuse a single time to give officers answers. Well, no one was arrested at the moment as Devondre Wiliams was travelling with his cousin and friends in a loading truck. The only witness of the incident, Regeana Canada asked to the officers that my question is only one that why did the dog bite the men even he did not resist to give your answer?

Who Is Devondre Williams?

According to the sources, he was driving a pickup truck at 2 AM around the incident was happened on July 19, 2021. He said that he was pulled out from his pickup truck along with his cousin and his friend when he was stopped at the moment. Later, the police also stated that why did they stop them and pulled them over?

As per William’s cousin, they were pulled out because they were involved in a fight before. The police said we pulled out them because they thought them some individuals are present in the truck. Williams said that he never screamed like that a day in my entire life.

He said that first I saw them that they are reaching me with handcuffs and one of them hold me from my arms and pulled out me and two another cop pushed me at the moment. Later, I saw a dog in the corner, and then, canine bites me. He added that maybe, he bite me almost five times in the same leg.

The video has gone viral over the internet and currently, Williams is taking surgery under the doctors. Many netizens have watched the video over the Internet and seeing that how a pet dog can be more aggressive in any situation.


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