Just after a day of clashes during the Farmer’s Tractor Protest, famous actor Deep Sidhu comes into highlights as accused of turning Nishan Shahib Flag over Red Fort. The violence that occurred in New Delhi yesterday was highlighted many names of popular actors and singers. One of the most popular names that getting lots of impressions nowadays is Deep Sidhu was at the forefront of desecration in the Red Fort. While the farmer unions alleged that it was “violent elements” like him that incited the protesters and turned the agitation violent, Sidhu defended his actions saying that he did not remove the national flag at the Red Fort, but only ‘Nishan Sahib Kept the same as the symbolic protest.Farmers' protest violence: Actor Deep Sidhu, Lakha Sidhana instigated  protesters - India News

The protest of farmers started before two months and now on Republic Day, the protest takes a turn into violence that causes little investigation on the matter that happened. After the matter turns into a violent nature then all the unions and the leaders keep themselves separate from the protest and the desecration that happened in the Red Fort. Also, the investigation over Sidhu and Lakhana Sidhana started because the two names have come to the forefront at the Red Fort. Also, the unfounded and unconfirmed reports also come into existence that Sidhu has a connection with the BJP Party and the MP of Party Sunny Deol.

But Deol confirmed that he has no connection with Siddhu and also he has not any link to the party as well. Let us tell you that Deep Sidhu is an Indian actor and activist who works in Hindi and Punjabi language films. His first debut in Punjabi Movie named Ramta Jogi that produced by the most famous and popular personality named Dharmendra under his banner Vijayta Films. Sidhu was born in 1984 in Muktsar, Punjab. He got his charm in the movie industry in the movie named Jora Das Numbria in 2018.

The official statement tells the entire situation that is Tractor Rally began on Monday for six hours that began from 6 PM to midnight. During the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, some fringe elements take place on the stage at the Singhu Border. The investigation against the inappropriate situation that happened in the Red Fort is started and also Deep Sidhu is coming into the desecration with the National Flag at the Red Fort. So, stay tuned with us to know more details about the incident.


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