Who Is Dante Lennon? Drunk Mercedes Driver Killed Three Woman: Three young women were killed when a drunken driver allegedly crashed into their livery car after they left a Sweet 16 party on Long Island, According to the sources and police. This news is getting viral on the web and making controversy. This news has become a controversial topic. Let us tell you Dante Lennon is 22 years old and drove a Mercedes-Benz Sedan when he likely T-boned a Lincoln Town Car on Jericho Turnpike in New Hype Park. This news is getting viral on the web. People are discussing the news with several questions. People are curious to know about the entire matter what happened and what is the case. Here we will try to find out the matter. Let’s continue the article.

Who Is Dante Lennon Drunk Mercedes Driver Killed Three Woman Outside Sweet 16 party Driver Arrested Video Revealed

According to the report, the three ladies were pronounced dead at the scene. A law imposition source told New York Post that the lady who has left the world had just left a sweet 16 party at the Inn at New Hey Park. This is a horrible incident for the people. People got scared after hearing this, it is shocking how can do this, and how can take three innocent life. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section. Who Is Dante Lennon? Drunk Mercedes Driver Killed Three Woman

Mercedes Driver Killed Three Woman Leaving Sweet 16 Party On Long Island

Surveillance footage obtained by CBS2 shows the driver, Dante Lennon of the Lincoln turning left onto Jericho Turnpike slowly when the Mercedes collided with it. The crash sends the two cars flying down the road, as the appearance in the video.

According to the witness working in the restaurant, which was near the scene, the witness said he listened to loud noise and ran outside. On the road, he saw the tow cars, which were destroyed, and informed 911. Our sources are trying to collect more details from sources but the investigation is currently going on and investigators didn’t provide many details about the victims yet.

Furthermore, a witness told “Right away, I just see a Mercedes-Benz coming through, Collison into an Uber driver that was turning,” Jaylen Augustin,  worker of table 7, told FNTV”. Explaining the scene, Augustin told, “It looked like a T-bone, a little bit, and it was destructive, and explain it was very disturbing and never seen it in his life, resident, who was also wounded in the crash, was rushed to a local nearby hospital. Treatment has been given to him for non-life-threatening injuries. We have shared all the details, which we have fetched from other sources.

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