American journalist and television personality, Chris Cuomo who is best known for his appearance as presenter of Cuomo Prime Time has captured the limelight once again but this time, the presenter become a topic of discussion because of his personality. Along with this, a 51-years-old presenter is also known for his amazing personality and having a beautiful wife who is also a popular personality on social media and captured massive attention on the TV as well.

Who Is Cristian Greeven

Cristina Greeven is the wife of Chris Cuomo who was spotted in Sag Harbor, NYC san her troubled husband by her side. She has captured in a photograph sporting a sneaker and a sweats with a complete long count and sunglasses.

In the picture, she was seen speaking on the phone while picking up Mexican takeout. Along with this, her husband Chris Cuomo has not been seen since November 30 after he was suspended following the utterance that he interfered in his brother’s Andrew sexual harassment claims.

According to the sources, Cuomo was fired by CNN after a serious sexual crime was claimed against him by his former co-worker at ABC Network. The statement was officially shared by CNN on its Twitter account that Chris Cuomo has been suspended earlier.

Before being a part of CNN, Cuomo was a co-anchor of “20/20” and “Good Morning America” for the ABC Network and also served as a chief Law. Now, many netizens are searching about her wife Cristina Greeven so, let’s talk about her first.

Who Is Cristina Greeven? Chris Cuomo Wife

As per the sources, Cristina is the daughter of the New York attorney Rainer Greeven. She is a 15-years-old lady who graduated from Cornell University and built her own career over the years. Along with this, Cristina is a founder and editor of the well-known magazine “The Purist”. Before becoming a part of The Purist in 2017, she also severed as Vice Chairman for “Gotham” and “Hamptons” magazines and launched the Manhattan Files where she was the editor-in-chief for the 7 years of her life.

She was also seen in the Gossip Girl Season 2 titled “The Serena Also Rises”. Cuomo and Greeven married in 2001 at a Ceremony in Southampton. Now, the couple has three kids together and the eldest one is known as Bella who is a Tik Tok star, 18. Maria (age 15) and Carolina (age 12) are the kids of a couple. Greeven stays active on her social media account and loves to do things including food, traveling, and yoga, as per her Instagram profile.


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