Heartbreaking news comes here and we have to tell you because you should know about it. As per the details on September 14 the famous comedian Norm Macdonald has died at the age of 61. The death cause has been found and he was died due to cancer. Many fans wondering after knowing this news but now we going to talk about his ex-wife Connie and know where she is now.

who is connie

As per the sources collected by us, Norm Macdonald’s wife’s name is Connie. Her full name is Connie Vaillancourt Macdonald. The couple tied the knots in the year 1988 approximately. Later they were again married in the year 1999 and divorced again. It was unexpected for her that she has to goodby her ex-husband like this. They got divorced but somewhere they have a special space in their life.

Connie Macdonald Wiki

Name: Connie Vaillancourt Macdonald
Age: 58 (Approximately)
Gender: Female
Born: N/A
Profession: Family Therapist
Relationship: Married with Comedian Norm Macdonald
Marital Status: Married with Comedian Norm Macdonald
Education: N/A
Family: Husband Norm Macdonald and Son Dylan Macdonald
Net Worth: N/A

However, the comedian is always out of the radar of social media and news media. But as per a report wife, Connie is a family therapist by profession. Now talking about her current location. So she is living in Los Angeles. The couple has always preferred to away personal life from the media spotlight.

Talking about the child of this couple, So during the research, we found that Comedia Norm Macdonald and his wife Connie were blessed with one child. Their son’s name is Dylan Macdonald. Dylan Macdonald was born in 1993. Now his son would be around 29 or 30 years old. He operates his own YouTube channel which is available as 3rd Triumvirate. Because there is a lack of details about him so we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

After getting divorced from Connie the comedian never ever married again. However, he maintained his life secret from media houses and no one knows complete information about his personal life. Even the detail that he suffered Cancer came publicly just a few days ago. He made his life secret from every person. He was


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