Who Is Colin Chua? Video Viral and Jail for student from UK university: Recently a learner from Singapore has been sent to jail for being found guilty of sexual harassment charges and possessing illicit videos of women. Since this news has come out people have been curious and started seeking the details of a Singaporean man who is in UK jail for recording illicit videos of women. As this news is trending and roaring on social media people in large number are eager to explore the story. Reportedly, the perpetrator is identified as Colin Chua Yi Jin. Colin Chua Yi Jin is a convicted man who is facing a jail sentence of one year for possessing illicit or washroom videos of women. Here we have come up with a lot of information related to Colin Chua Yi Jin’s arrest news and case. You should keep going on till this article is not ended and finished. Scroll down the page and have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Colin Chua Video

Who Is Colin Chua?

Colin Chua Yi Jin is from Singapore and he was learning at a University in the UK but on Wednesday he was ordered to serve in United Kingdom’s jail for one year. Moreover, Colin Chua Yi Jin also has been fined $2500 for recording unlawful or illicit videos of girls. According to the source, some of the videos he also recorded during the parties and gatherings hosted by him at his residence.

Colin Chua Video Leaked Online

Colin Chua Yi Jin is currently 24 years old and he is in jail as he has been proven guilty of the seven counts of insulting the modesty of girls and 8 counts of possessing sexual films and 8 more counts of insulting the modesty were focused on sentencing. According to the source, as many as eleven victims stepped ahead to revoke the gag order on Colin Chua Yi Jin’s identity to be lifted. Keep reading to learn more about him.

Colin Chua Video Explained

The gag order is normally implemented to keep the name of victims of the sexual harassment cases, meanwhile, this order can also be used for the identity of the accused. Regardless, the identities or names of the victims related to Colin Chua Yi Jin’s sexual offenses will remain confined under the gag order. As per the source, the Singaporean student recorded upskirt videos of girls at the college and he also filmed videos of girls in the shower. Colin Chua Yi Jin also installed a hidden camera in the toilet to record the illicit videos of the girls.


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