Once again here is a very interesting news story that you should know. If you are active on social media then definitely you saw a post about a Christmas Sweater cop who is getting viral after the recent incident.

Vera Mekuli Seen Grinding ANOTHER Cop as NYPD

You can see in the video that Vera Mekuli grinding another cop. It is shocking for everyone who sees the clip. Recently Lt. Nick McGarry faced heat for enjoying a lap dance from colleague Vera Mekuli at an NYPD office party.

Who is Christmas Sweater Cop?

There are many other footages of Vera Mekuli going viral on the internet. Most probably you will see more unexpected videos. In this rookie video, the man was spotted standing aside.

It is clearly seen in the video that he sees and enjoys while Mekuli gave Nick McGarry a seductive lap dance. The whole incident happened at the holiday party of NYPD’s 44th precinct. The party was held at Rory Dolan’s bar in Yonkers.

In this video, you can see that Vera Mekuli performing a lap dance on Lt. Nick McGarry’s lap. While a report says Lt. Nick McGarry is a married man. He often touched her thighs or grabbed her hips.

Also, he smiled after seeing his subordinates on top of him. Later the video leaked on the internet and got huge attention over the period of time. As per the information, there are some authorities who have begun probing into it.

Vera Mekuli Seen Grinding ANOTHER Cop as NYPD

According to an insider source in the police, “(McGarry) knows he f***ed up. Messing with your subordinate is a no-no on the job. [The rookie cop] doesn’t know any better because she just came on the job. I can’t even tell you how many times they tell incoming supervisors that. It sets a bad precedent.”

Now comes the very important details in which we going to know about Vera Mekuli. So initially the info was not disclosed, now there are some details available. On the basis of info, her father is planning to sue the NYPD officer for encouraging his daughter for such an inappropriate act.

It is noticeably found that she is in embarrassment. Her father reportedly said that his daughter Vera Mekuli constantly crying after the incident and she feels embarrassment since the news got out.


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