Here we are sharing a piece of sad news with you, that a piece of the report is getting viral on social media. That who killed Christina Whittaker. Here are many things getting viral on the web. The missing case of Christin Whittaker has puzzled the power forever a decagon now.

Who Is Christina Whittaker?

Nevertheless, they could not find anything to solve the case of her disappearance despite all the efforts. There is no evidence to prove whether Christina Whittaker was killed or it was a suicide. Here are several things for telling, you are on the right page for knowing correct information about the news.

Who Is Christina Whittaker?

It is unclear whether Christina Whittaker has been killed or simply disappeared. when she moved to the Oakwood area of Hannibal, Missouri, with her 6-month-old infant Alexandria that time was under the age of 21 years old. She went out with a few pals on 13 November 2009, to Rokies’s Sports Bar at 600 Broadway.

After that, they headed towards Sportsman at 611, where she drank a lot and she asked to leave due to her behavior during intoxication bothered other customers. She left 15 minutes before midnight. She asked had asked several people for a lift, but she rejected it. Thus, she walked away simply,  she has not been seen or heard from.

According to the report, Her smartphone was discovered as evidence by investigators. The phone was found by the investigators near the 200 block of Seventh Street, Just a few blocks away from where she was last seen alive.

What Happened To Christina Whittaker?

Her boyfriend was connected with her for the last time. Nevertheless, Christina’s sister, Cindy, claimed that he was with her family for taking care of her infant at home that night.

Speaking about her death news, Christina Whittaker, the missing woman, has not been confirmed dead. There is no evidence that she has passed away as her remains are not found still. The case is in the process of investigation and police are putting in their best efforts for solving the case. They are trying to figure out the matter.

However, Christina’s mother, Cindy young, admitted that Whittaker was suffering from anxiety, depression, and bipolar. She said she had wrong habits and a tendency to take them in the wrong concept.

The Hannibal Police Department worked with 45 agencies, including the FBI but couldn’t figure out the matter. There is proof if it was a disappearance, murder, and suicide. Stay connected for more updates.


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