Another big news is coming that, Mrs. Sri Lanka World 2019 Caroline Jurie has been censured by social media. The actual reason behind she has been censured is she created ruckus at the beauty pageant earlier this week in Colombia. So, the activities that Caroline Jurie does on the stage was actually the worst. The event of beauty pageant in which Pushpika De Silva crowned as Mrs Sri Lanka World 2020 but, Caroline took the crown from the winner and awarded to the first runner-up. The entire video of Carolina went viral on social media and she was criticized by the netizens.

Who is Caroline Jurie

The entire netizens trolling Caroline for doing such the worst things on the stage. Let us tell you that Caroline was born in Kandana, Sri Lanka in 1992. She got her fame and popularity because she won the title of Mrs Sri Lanka World 2019 and after that, she worked as a model in various famous projects in Sri Lanka. Also, she represents Sri Lanka on December 2019 at the Mrs World 2020. Now, her activity on the stage of the beauty pageant was actually worst and she has no right to do this in front of the entire Sri Lanka.

Everyone knows that the stage is a very big platform for all the girls who want to become a model in Sri Lanka. Caroline studied at the St. Sebastian Girls’ School in Kandana. If we talk about the number of followers on her Instagram account then she has 79,000 followers. In her profile, we can see the pictures that she captured from her shoots and also with family. Now, she is criticized by the fans and the residents of Sri Lanka because of doing such things on the biggest stage of the beauty pageant. The main reason for her trending everywhere is the incident that happened earlier this week.

The entire incident that everyone wants to know that why she is trending is she snatched the crown of Mrs Sri Lanka World 2020’s crown to awarded it to the first runner-up. The winner of the beauty pageant is Pushpika De Silva but she took the crown from her and awarded the first runner-up of the show. After a while she snatched the crown, she again joins the stage to explain why she does like that. The reason behind that she tells that Pushpika was disqualified because she is a divorcee and only a married woman can win the title of the beauty pageant. Also, Chandimal Jayasinghe, the national director of Mrs Sri Lanka World told that the crown was returned to Mrs De Silva on Tuesday. For further details, stay connected with us.


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