People must have heard that it is necessary to fulfill one’s wish before dying and then it has probably been seen that a special dish is fed to someone before his death if he is in jail and is going to die soon. According to the sources, a double murder death row convict, Carman Deck was offered ribeye steak and shrimp as his final meals before being affected by lethal injection. Deck was a 56-years-old was served the slap-up feast at 01:00 PM and after five years, he was executed at the state jail in Bonne Terre, Missouri on Tuesday evening, May 3, 2022.

Carman Deck

After staying in the sentence for the 1996 homicides of elderly couple James and Zelma Long was overturned three times since the horrible death in July 1996, his execution was clouded in controversy. According to the sources, when Deck was a 30-years-old, he was accused of the fatal shooting of James and Zelma Long in the back of their head and robbed them as well in 1996. The defense of Deck claimed at the time of the hearing that he confessed to the killings, while police said that it was a false confession of him. A lethal injection was given to him and pronounced dead after 10 minutes at the state prison.

Who Is Carman Deck?

Before his death, the final meal of Deck featured ribeye steak, prawns, asparagus, salad with Italian dressing, cottage cheese, and V-8 Juice, among other things as well, told reports. As per the sources, the was the fifth person in the country to be executed this year. Along with this, Deck’s fate was sealed when Missouri Governor Mike Parson refused to grant him any clemency.

The final words of Deck Carman were also shared through social media where he submitted his last statement. Parson said in a statement,” Mr. Deck has received due process, and three separate juries of his peers have recommended sentences of Death for the brutal murders he committed. The State of Missouri will carry out Mr. Deck’s sentence according to the Court’s order and deliver justice”.

Due to the jury instructions, his first conviction was overturned there were reported incorrectly. Later, he was condemned to death a second time but the US Supreme Court overturned it. Missouri Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe said,” Tonight, justice was served” at 06:10 PM, CT, after Deck was pronounced dead.


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