Who is Carlos Aguirre Rendon? Deltona’s School Teacher Arrested After Kissing A Student Charges Explained! A piece of news is getting viral on social media, VOLUSIA, FLORIDA: The Volusia County Sheriff’s arrested a middle school teacher on 2 February 2022. The report is, he pursued a relationship with a 15 years old student. We see many cases come on the web and gets viral. These crimes are increasing day by day. We know the teacher is the highest valuable post in the world. Nowadays we see teachers are doing these shameful acts. People believe and they send their kids with trust. Here are several things for telling you about the matter, you are on the right page for getting the right information. We will try to find out the entire matter. Let’s continue the article, keep reading.

Who is Carlos Aguirre Rendon

According to the report, He was arrested on 2 February. The Sheriff’s office confirmed it had arrested 29-years-old Carlos Aguire Rendon on two charges, Weeks after it began an into the case. The report says, Rendon kissed the victim on the lips in the classroom at the Deltona Middle school. Thankfully, it appears police intervened before things went further, as it has in many cases. Rendon was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, and by evening had posted $12,500 bond. He was released, but Police warn him strickly that futher charges could be filed, beyond the two he was initially slapped with – lewd or lascivious conduct and witness tampering in an inquiry.

Who is Carlos Aguirre Rendon?

If we try to find out his personal life information, so Rendon taught math at Deltona Middle Scool in Deltona. It is not clear if Rendom has wife or not, but according to the available report, he does have two children who he used as a pretext to meet the victim at the Firefighters Memorial Park in Deltona. The Longwood resident would reportedly drive 25 miles to the park and leave his kids in the car to spend time with the victim.

Deltona’s School Teacher Arrested

when the school learned about the allegations, the girl was transferred out of Rndon’s class and he was advised not to come back to school. On learning she was being removed from his class, Rendon reportedly yelled,”if she get taken out of his class, he will this school. He will transfer to University High School to see her,” In front of the whole class. It is not clear, when that happened. That incident was disclosed by an anonymous source, which guide to an incuary being opened on january 11. We have shared all the inportants point in this article if we get anything about the matter in future we will tell you fisrt at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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