Another big news has come from North Cotabato in which Maguade brothers and sisters were killed. Later, the incident, the Filipinos urged social media users not to share any type of pictures and videos related to the crime scene. The incident took place last week in which an 18-year-old Crizzlle Gwynn Maguad and her 16-year-old brother were found beaten to death at their home in M’lang in broad daylight.

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When the incident took place, their parents were outside the house. So far, the family is totally devastated to hear about this tragic incident and it is actually very heartbreaking news that someone killed siblings.

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Let us also tell you that a survivor of 17 years old was identified by the Philippine News Agency as a “visiting cousin”. As per the reports, she locked herself inside the room and asked for help through her Facebook account. Later, she has been taken care of by the local social welfare office.

The case has been gone viral on the internet and several people already watched the videos and pictures that available on different social media platforms. Along with it, people also created hashtags to raise awareness among all the people over the world.

It seems people are trying to raise awareness by posting pictures and videos of crime scenes and statements of victims’ remains, there are many Filipinos who are not at all happy with what is happening, urging them not to do so. Order to respect the victim’s family and their privacy.

Maguad Siblings Dead Body Picture Revealed

There are several statements available in which users talk about the entire incident. A user has stated that “Sensitive pictures of the late Maguade brothers and sisters are circulating on the Internet. To this end, in order to respect the wishes and privacy of the family of the deceased, we urge all those who have copies of the above photos to delete and terminate [its] circulation”.

There are some revelations that are going to take place in which the authorities might be going to find the accused who killed both the siblings. The incident becomes very popular and big among millions of people.

Yes, there are already millions of people joined to this incident and continuously trying to find the name of the accused who did such a brutal crime in which two siblings lost their lives and the third one is alive because she hide in a room.


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