Here we are sharing news with you that, A man assaults a girl in Ellenbrook. This is very bad news for the people, How can someone do this with anyone, Girls are too young. This news shows humanity is disappeared from the world. This allegation on Callum for assault a girl.

callum ferris davies arrested

This news is very shameful, what about the girl, who had to face this savagery. People are very for this Savagery, people want legal punishment. Here we will give you all the details, we will try to cover the entire information in this article. Let’s find out current updates about this news.

Who Is Callum Ferris Davies?

News is spreading on social media that, Callum Ferris Davies, Here we will tell you this news is true or fake before that we will share you entire matter with you. A seven-year-old little girl got assaulted in Ellenbrook. Following the case, Callum is a grown-up man. Recently he is facing allegations on the assault case of their anger towards him for savagery act.

The report was filed by the victim’s parents. The CCTV vision clearly showed a man going over through a backyard wall, He got charged with sexually assaulting a child-aged girl. Let us tell he faces many more charges like a home burglary, approaching a person’s breathing through the different acts, etc.

Yes, this news is completely based on truth. Callum got arrested by the officers right after the release of CCTV footage. He emerged on the Midland Magistrates Court for the Offenses. Officers asked him many questions to him regarding the abuse case. His case is ajourned for 27 January. The sentence has not been finalized by the court towards him.

Why Was Callum Ferris Davies Arrested?

According to the report, Callum did not apply for bail and waited for the court, after the police officers captured him. Davies will try again reappear on the court, Let us tell you that, the public has condemned him for the wicked act he has done.

The public is demanding justice for the girl, who had tolerated his savagery. Parents are very disturbed because of this, They want justice for their daughter and strict punishment for the guy, who had done this crime.

The Victim’s parents are waiting for the court hearing. We have faith that the next hearing will be good for a girl, she will get justice. The court will give strict punishment to him.  If we get any updates we will share you first, stay connected for more updates


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