Most of the cases have been grabbing the attention of the netizens around the world in which, the students have been involved in any horrifying crimes but in recent days, even teachers are not stopping themselves from committing crimes against their students. Recently, a horrific incident is capturing the attention of the netizens in which a former teacher from a southern Alberta town has been charged with the $e#ual assault case from an incident that occurred seven years ago. Many are searching about this crime and want to know each and everything about this matter. Keep reading to get more updates here.

Why Was Calgary Teacher Arrested

According to the sources, RCMP in Didsbury which is in the north of Calgary received a report about the assault in last year December 2021 that happened when the victim was in the elementary school. At the time of this incident, the accused was working as an educator at an elementary school. Due to some teachers, this holy profession has been getting stained and creating some wrong doubts in students’ minds for the teachers. Since the news captured the headlines of the Internet, people are getting curious to know about the women and wants to know about the accused teacher.

Why Was Calgary Teacher Arrested?

According to the sources, the Calgary teacher has been identified as 72-years-old Harly Arthur Dickinson from Mountain View County Alta. The accused has been charged with three felony charges that include $exual interference, $exual exploitation, and $exual assault. Now, she has been arrested and already presented in court for a further hearing.

After the hearing took place in the court, Dickinson got freed with many conditions including not to available any place that engages people under 16 and not possessing weapons. Now, the investigation is running and cops are asking for further process in this matter. The RCMP are urging people to support them and asking the local public to come forward if they suffered from similar type incidents in their life.

Who Is Calgary Teacher?

The news related to the Calgary teacher was announced by police. Police even shared some information including light complexion and Grey hair with some balding. The height of the woman is about 5’8 inches tall. Along with this, police also released a picture of Dickison if anyone could identify her. Now, the further hearing will be taken place on April 11, 2022, in the court. We will share more details in the upcoming days so, stay tuned with us to get more details here.


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