A horrific crime case came out on July 29 which is probably one of the most dangerous and dreadful crimes I have ever seen in my life. According to the police reports of Clarksville, a man has been arrested by police in Clarksville for allegedly killing and intention for a woman and later, setting her in the fire of her own apartment after her robbery went unsuccessful.

Brian Williams Wiki-Bio

Who Is Brian Williams?

As per the reports, the man was identified as 36-years-old, Brian Williams, who murdered a 67-years-old lady, Melody Gambetty, and dismembered her body parts inside a suitcase. The crime was reported after Gambetty’s neighbour called the police and told them that smoke is coming out from the house of Gambetty.

When the police and firefighter reached her apartment, they found the dismembered parts of the woman in the hall. After investigating the case, the Major of Clarksville Police, Joel DeMoss said,” yesterday crime was one of the most dangerous and horrifying murder cases in my entire life”.

Police found the suspect after checking the surveillance camera near her apartment and investigating with neighbours. Later, police found much evidence that can easily charged the suspect in this case. Now, let’s talk about the criminal, Brian Williams that who is he?

Brian Montez Williams is a 36-years-old boy. According to the reports, he went door-to-door to the neighbour’s house of Clarksville on Monday, July 26, 2021. He tried to interact with some residents of the society for “community service work” and later, he came inside their house in a polite way.

As per the surveillance camera’s report, the footage camera showed that he entered the apartment around 1 PM on July 26. Melody Gambetty was working in a media outlet and retired this year in March. In the camera, police saw Williams leaving with two suitcases from her house and loading in Gambetty’s car.

Police found Gambetty’s body parts in a suitcase as she was decapitated and her finger and toes were missing from the suitcase. When police investigated her house, some parts were also found inside her apartment. Some tissues and blood stane blades were also found.

During the investigation, police found the suspect in a camera and talked about him with neighbours and police got his number from neighbours as his number was also got by some neighbours because he left for community service on the day of the murder.

When police called the number, he identified himself as Brian W and later, he was arrested from his home and police also confirmed his identity after checking the surveillance camera and including some matching evidence. Now, he has been taken into custody and police charged him for a murder case and robbery.


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