Now at this moment thousands of people looking for Brian Hannon. The Holt Public school teacher has been arrested suddenly. The news went viral over the internet. Here is the information that you all need to know.


Holt Public School happens to be a public secondary school located in Holt, Michigan, United States. The educational institute founded in the year 2003 has been educating several children since then.

Who Is Brian Hannon?

According to the details, at present, the principal of the school is Michael P. Willard Brian Hannon happens to be one of the teachers in the school. He is one of the important members of the school and contributed his knowledge and years of experience.

Currently, the school is running 9 to 12 grades. Even they have 23 varsity athletic teams. The school has won 8 state championships in different sports. They have made special space among the various other teams who have performed very well. There is a huge possibility that you will see a massive level of performance in the upcoming days also.

Now comes Brian Hannon and know who is he. Then in this regard, we want to tell you that Brian Hannon is known for his teaching profession currently involved in Holt public school. He has been arrested a few days ago.

Why Was Holt Public Schools Teacher Arrested?

After the news of his arrest, there are many people who looked out for the complete detail. For those people, we want to tell you that Shiawassee County Jail has been holding the alleged teacher for keeping the horses with food and water after a thorough investigation.

Brian Hannon is 33 years old and a teacher in the school. Right now he paid the penalty to come out of jail. Also, he got the warning of not being in touch with horses again.

Is Brian Hannon?

People want to know the charges that are faced by Brian Hannon. As per the reports, he is facing the charges of two counts of animal cruelty. He has been arrested because officers claim that Brian Hannon took the animals in a pathetic condition which is a violation of rules.


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