On social media, people are searching for several videos but recently, a Walmart video has grabbed all the attention of netizens around the world. Yes, thank goodness an accident kept happening. A shocking video shows the moment a deputy tased a Florida-based woman who was threatening the customers or staff inside the Walmart with a knife holding in her hand. The incident was happening inside the Walmart where many people were also appearing close to the woman. Now, many people are searching for the video which is currently circulating on social media and everyone wants to know about the whole incident.

Who Is Brandy McGown?

As per the sources, a lady Brandy McGown, who is a career criminal, was on high meth on March 30 when she made her steps in the Walmart store on South US Highway 441 in Summerfield, Flordia, and started to threaten customers and staff members with a brick. As soon as possible she moved through the store, she put down the brick and open a packaged pocket knife and started to wave at the people of her and also continuously babbling all the time. Keep reading to know more details.

Walmart Woman Video Viral on Internet

As per the footage, police reached to the place after being informed by one of the staff members about the woman who has a knife and threatening the customers. They rushed to the scene and discovered her stationed around the area outside the women’s dressing rooms. Well, Christopher Witte, the Marion County Deputy can be heard on his bodycam footage who was ordering McGown to drop her knife several times.

It was heard,” Drop it now!”. He can be also heard saying,” Drop the knife!”. Well, the woman refused to drop the knife even after disobeying the cop’s orders and even talked back at him. Witte had been using his gun but she was distracted by another officer, he replaced it with a taser gun. He again asked her to drop her knife but she denied and he had no choice despite fired his taser gun.

Who Is Brandy McGown?

Along with this, the video shows that a taser gun was shot in her chest of McGown and she dropped heavily to the ground with a loud sound. Then, the officers rushed to her to cuff her hand before she took her knife once again. Then, police took her to custody without further incident. Well, the reports suggest that the 32-years-old, Brandy McGown had reported ingesting approx. four grams of methamphetamine earlier in the day.


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