The rate of crimes has been increased so much in the world that now people have started assuming that it is no longer necessary to talk about it because now these incidents are seen and heard all over the world every day. If we talk about one such incident, then a western Sydney hairdresser who has opened her silence recently. Her “fairytale” relationship has come in front of people and crashed down when her boyfriend was shot dead while he was sleeping beside her. She fled the country as she was scared for her safety and dealing with trauma.

Who is Bikies

The Sydney-based hairdresser known as Fatima Hage is currently facing trauma after her boyfriend was killed. According to the sources, the pair was in a secret relationship but Ms Hage said that she was not his mistress. Along with this, she also told that her boyfriend identified as Kemel Barakat already separated from his wife when they met to each other. She revealed that he had a link with an underworld figure and he was shot dead by them while he was sleeping beside her.

Why Was Bikies Arrested?

Later, she feared this horrific incident and fled to Dubai. She met Kemel Barakat months after him at a music festival in January 2016. Her all dreams were destroyed when she got to know about Barakat that he had links with underworld figures as known criminals and bikies. He was shot dead when he was sleeping beside her in March 2017. During the investigation, his friend, Ahmed Jaghbir found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Jaghbir was charged with procuring, aiding, and counseling unknown persons to murder him.

After four years, his Ms Hage broke her silence and denied that she was never a mistress of Barakat and revealed that she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and still fears for her safety. She said,” I always wonder why they let me go. I want to know why they let me live”. She recalls Barakat waking up and palming her away to the other side of the double-king bed as Barakat was shot at.

His face was covered by a blanket and was sure that the attackers would focus on her. It was just a coincidence that Ms. Hage was having quality time with her new boyfriend at the Mortlake Apartment in Syndey’s inner west.

Who is Bikies?

Ms Hage also told that she had no idea why her boyfriend was targeted and killed. He never shared the concern about his safety and appeared always normal with her. The popular hairdresser is 24-years-old and living with her traditional. She has strict parents who don’t allow her to stay out of her home all night. She also told that at that night, she was not well, so, I went to his bed and fell asleep. I knew that I had to wake up and go back to her home as her mother is taking stress. The night was a nightmare of her life.


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