Our lovely Indian sportspersons doing well and continue making the nation proud and happy. This time we got the info about Bhavinaben Patel who made the nation proud when she became dominated the opponent and won the match over Joyce de Oliveira of Brazil. Bhavinaben Patel has entered the quarterfinals of Paralympics TT.

Who is Bhavinaben Patel

The competition was Women’s singles Class event at the Tokyo Games. After winning this match she became the first Indian player to enters the quarterfinals of this competition. Here we will explore the details about her including her Wiki, Age, Married or not?

Who is Bhavinaben Patel?

She is 34 years old and this Indian beast woman defeated the Brazillian opponent with 12-10 13-11, 11-6 in a Round of 16 contest that lasted 23 minutes. The next match will take place in quarterfinal and there she will face Borislava Peric Rankovic of Serbia in the quarterfinals.

She also told me that my next opponent is the second number player in the world and I have to be more focused to win the upcoming match. Now let’s begin to know who is Bhavinaben Patel and what are her achievements in the past years.

As we already told you, She is 34 year old. Her full name is Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel. Bhavina is a Para Table tennis player from Mehsana, Gujarat, India.

Bhavinaben Patel Wiki, Age

Name: Bhavinaben Patel
Full Name: Bhavina Hasmukhbhai Patel
Age: 34 Years Old
Gender: Female
Profession: Athletics, Tennis Player
Born: 6 November 1986 in Mehsana, India
Nationality: Indian
Family: N/A
Sport: Tennis
Relationship: N/A
Net Worth: N/A

Later after winning the match in an interview Bhavinaben Patel shared her thoughts over this match and discussed her strategy. “My strategy was to play more towards the body of my opponent and that was what my coach told me. I executed my plans,” Patel said after the match. The remaining details about her life will come later. Stay with us to know the updates.


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