The moment was again created by a talented fencer who first-ever represents India at the Olympics. Not only this but also the first to win a bout at the games as CA Bhavani Devi begin her start with a win to her Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 on Monday. The match was actually very enthralling in which 27 years old Bhavani Devi shows her unbeatable performance from the opening of the game. Along with showing super action, she also shows that she has full control over herself as beat Tunisia’s Nadia Ben Azizi 15-3 to get her Women’s Sabre Individual Table of 64 bout.

who is bhavani devi

Who is Bhavani Devi?

Let us also tell you that the beginning bout took much time to have happened but when Bhavani Devi shows her composure and raced, she gets an 8-0 lead. Yes, she gets an 8-0 lead which was unexpected. Not only this, but also she took the lead and very well maintain her solid performance over the 2 rounds.

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She did not allow Azizi who is her opponent as well as lower-ranked to get her momentum. Apart from this, Bhavani Devi’s smartness also helps her a lot during the competition as she gained some points by showing her control and smartness.

Indian Olympic Athlete Wins India’s 1st Ever Fencing Match

As all of us watched in the match that Bhavani Devi attacking with precision from the beginning of the match but at several moments, we also watched her smartness. Let us tell you a moment when she gets a decent and simple point with ease and smoothness. She was on the backfoot and gained a point with her perfection.

Let us tell you some details about Sabre Fencing as many people did not know much about it. So, a point in Sabre Fencing is collected when a fencer touches the opponent above the waist or on the head with the edges or the tip of the saber.

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The fencer who scored 15 points over two rounds considers the winner of the match. 29 seed one Bhavani Devi is facing a tough test in her round of 32 bouts as she will take on world No. 3 and fourth seed Manon Brunet of France. The bout will begin at 7:30 AM IST on Monday.

From picking up sports in school to qualifying for the Olympics as the only option left for her, it has been a memorable as well as a difficult journey for Bhavani. Now, Bhavani Devi, 27 years old, always will be remembered as India’s First Fencer to make her historic debut in Olympic Games.


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