Who Is Bami Kuteyi? Wiki-Bio, YouTube Channel: Google is a world-popular American multinational search engine that gives information and services to its users. And there are lakhs of people who wish to work with Google, working for Google is like a dream to them. But in this article we are going to tell you about a woman who left the job from Google, just to start her own business. Here we are talking about Bami Kuteyi who worked for Google as a marketing executive. But when her mindset was fixed to start her own business, she left the job from there, and now she is earning $125K each year.

Who Is Bami Kuteyi UK Woman Left Job From Google To Teach Twerk Check Wiki-Bio YouTube Channel More

Bami Kutegi shared to the media that, she remembers that she was so excited to get a job at Google. When she had gotten a job at Google, Bami Kutegi used to tell all her friends that she works with Google, that she would never have thought of working with Google, directly when her Graduation had just completed. But after working for some time with Google Bami Kutegi got to know that she was being ignored and her voice was not being heard, she decided to leave from there after having enough money in her pocket. Who Is Bami Kuteyi? Wiki-Bio, YouTube Channel

Who Is Bami Kuteyi? YouTube Channel

Bami Kutegi shared her experience on an Instagram post and wrote that she is extremely grateful for the decision she took in her twenties. Bami shared that at this point of her life she is a woman who is in a position who empower other women, traveling all around the world to teach twerking, and she also leads an international team of trainers who are working under her brand or co-operations.

Bami Kuteyi Net Worth

Bami Kutegi also shared that, she did not directly left the job, but she also used her formula before Bami Kutegi had left working with Google. Bami’s formula to start your own business says that before you left your current job to start your business just save money. Collect your contacts. Work on your business. According to the sources, the UK Woman earns $125K every year just from the Youtube channel and other platforms.

Get prepared mentally and learn from everything that is great. And last not least point is that it would never be so late for you to quit your job. You only need to give yourself enough time so that you can set your future as a full-time business owner, and also make your own priorities about yourself higher for possibly starting your business.

Bami Kutegi does not only teach people to twerk, but she also teaches people to meditate so that they get their body relaxed and give them positive results with all the positivity around.

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