A teacher always is known to motivate the students so that they can achieve something in life but what if when a teacher takes a student on the wrong path and uses them in some way? A similar incident has been reported and the topic has been circulating on social media among netizens regarding to the case. A female teacher, Azar Rahmatzadeh from Melbourne’s Wantirna College, a public school has been charged with an s3xual penetration of a child under 16 including sexual assault, and also supplying liquor to a minor. Keep reading to know more about the incident.

who is azar rahmatzadeh

According to the sources, a female teacher has been taken into custody and accused of s3xually abusing a teenage student of the school. Along with this, some reports from The Herald Sun released that police began an investigation into the Ms Azar Rahmatzadeh after she sent a text message to her student calling him “Handsome”. Later, she was granted bail on Monday after an appearance before the Magistrates Court of Melbourne. While Rahmatzadeh alleges complaints that the student removed her from the social media app. Few messages from the teacher’s side have been circulating on social media.

Who is Azar Rahmatzadeh?

The Facebook message from the teacher said,” I wasn’t mad and it didn’t mean I didn’t like you or didn’t want to talk to you or see you anymore, I also noticed that day you removed me as a friend on Facebook”. The message continued,” I’m just stupid sometimes, I don’t think and make stupid decisions (I will stop drinking!!) but please know I still think the world of you and hope reading this makes you hate me less and one day, in time, we can be mates again. I’m truly sorry if I hurt you. F**king love your guts forever xxx”.

Along with this, another alleged discussion also came into the limelight when Rahmatzadeh will send a photo of herself in a bikini, to which she says that when the student will be 18. The Principal of Wantirna College, Kevin Murphy told parents through a letter that the teacher would not be coming to school ground while the case continues.

He said,” We were very concerned to learn of this and I assure your our number one priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our students”. Now, Ms. Rahmatzadeh will give her appearance in court again on July 29. Since the matter started to appear on social media, netizens are leaving their reactions over this and sharing hate messages for teacher.


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