Every single moment there is something unexpected on the internet and people are getting amazed to watch them. This time also here is one more TikTok video that is getting viral over the internet. Here in this article, we want to tell you about Austin Lemay. The video which is getting huge attention is not something else. But it is a Dancing video on TikTok. To know the complete details stay in this article and get every fact related to this news.

Who Is Austin Lemay

As per the details, the viral TikTok of dance has been viewed by the audience over 32 million times. It is a huge number and definitely, the video has reached such huge numbers of people. Now let’s talk about him and get all the details about the news as well.

Who Is Austin Lemay?

Austin Lemay who is now trending on the Internet is a teacher by profession. He is a teacher at Tenaya Middle School in California. He is also the Campus Culture Director, according to ABC. Austin presented himself as he is a Teacher, Coach, Golf & humor enthusiast. Along with it, talking about the family, then he recently welcomed a baby. Also, he is a football enthusiast as well.

He went popular because of the dancing TikTok video. The reaction of fans is an amazing thing that is extremely noticeable. The video has more than 32.8 million views. In an interview, he said that he has been waiting for around 30 years for this moment. He also added that Teaching and Job is the profession but dance is his “passion”.

According to the details, his students and school staff also watched the video and they appreciated him. Austin said that a student Dereona Thepphakaysone is the mastermind behind the original video. Following this, the TikTok account has reached more than 93,000 counts followers and now at this moment the account has more than 93k followers.

Most recently, it was noticeable that he shared the video of her baby daughter who steal the heart of every user. The cute video also reached huge views. If you have any other important related to the personality then you can share with us via the comment section. We will definitely add many more things in the upcoming few moments.


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