Recently, Arnold Babcock has been taken into custody while trying to meet Kendall Jenner. Let us tell you that Arnold is the trespasser and Kendall Jenner is a very prominent model and media personality. As all of us know that the lady has millions of fans following and many people following her.

Who Is Arnold Babcock

While some wait for the good opportunity to meet with a woman face to face, there are others who try to get in the way near her to meet her. It was one of those moments when a man attempted to join her apartment after she was declined by the gatekeeper.

Who Is Arnold Babcock?

Babcock isn’t the only one who has seen Kendall in breach in recent days as a few others have done the same thing. Talking about Arnold, he is an American citizen who tried to trespass into Kendall Jenner’s house but later he was arrested by the police.

Not only this, but some sources claimed that Babcock also tried to meet Kendall previously as well but he was not able to pass the guards previously. This time, he again attempts to meet Kendall but his fate was not with him, and the police took him into custody.

His professional and individual background, apart from his essence, has not been disclosed by the authorities as they are still examining the reasons behind the attempts. Let us tell you that the police have been arrested him for trespassing into Kendall Jenner’s house but were released without any charge.

Why Was Arnold Babcock Arrested

When he was trying to enter the house, the gatekeeper hold the man until the police arrived at the place. When he was taken into custody, after a few hours, he was finally released, with no specific grounds to lay down the motives behind the action.

As all of us know that Kendall Jenner is a very prominent model who has such an immense career and fan following worldwide. Talking about Arnold Babcock, he is 31 years old but the exact date of birth is not yet revealed yet. Many people continuously searching to know more information related to this matter.

Along with it, several people looking forward to knowing if he attempts something dangerous to Kendal Jenner. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to some upcoming trending topics and happenings.


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