A piece of big news has come on the web, that a nine-year-old girl from texas passed away after being accidentally shot by a victim of a robbery, who opened fire at the suspect. This topic is getting viral on th0e web. People are thinking about it. Arlene Alvarez, a fourth-greater at De Zavala Elementary, was shot in the head. This incident occurred on Monday, 14 February.

Family seeks justice as Texas robbery victim accidentally guns down

The report says, A 41 years-old Tony Earls opened fire at a killer who had robbed him and his wife at gunpoint at the gunpoint at a bank’s ATM drive-thru and fled, explained by police. Here are several things for telling you about the news. You are on the right page for getting the right information. We will tell you all the details in this article. Let’s continue the article.

Who Is Arlene Alvarez?

According to the report, Earls first shot at the robbery suspect, who was fleeing on foot, and after that, he thought the robbery suspect had gotten into a pickup truck. According to the available reports, five members of a family were inside the truck, win which was the same truck, with Arlene sitting in the backseat.0

She was rushed to the hospital as soon as possible after being struck and put on life support, however eventually succumbed to her injuries. Earls has been charged with aggravated assault due to serious bodily in the 263rd State District Court. Scroll the page for getting more information.

Furthermore, as per information determined Earls was with his wife at a bank ATM drive-thru at the above address when a man, who is unknown had robbed them. The juvenile victim, a rear-seat passenger, was struck during the shooting. Police have arrested Earls and charged him in this incident. The unknown robbery suspect remains at large.”

As per information Arlene’s family attorney, Rick Ramos, explain that Earls could not have been acting in self-defense. “once he takes his gun and he runs off and you have your back turned to the individual you robbed, that person is no longer now an immediate threat or feat of imminent safety”, and Romas explained, “At that point in time, you lose your right to self-defense the threat is gone.”

The daughter’s mother said “It just hurts her so much, it is gonna hurt her forever, however, she just wants justice for her baby girl, she added “Her daughter had a connection with everybody. Maybe this had to happen to her daughter so the word could be out. ” We pray God gave peace to her soul, stay tuned for more updates.


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