A grandfather of a 12-years-old child from Milwaukee, Wisconsin abused his grandson for continuously five hours over the money that went missing from his wallet and allegedly began to beat his grandson till death after using the hammer during the trial. The great-grandmother of a kid who is disabled and can’t walk was the only witness of this incident and was in the house but because of her disability, she watched this incident unfold helplessly.

Andrez Martina Age

The accused said that the hammer was not picked for beating him but admitted that he lost his control and beating his grandson due to which the child died on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

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Grandfather Killed His 12-Years-Old Grandson 

Many reports have been found in the past few months that similar to this incident with a six-year-old boy, who died at the hands of his grandfather, Terry Majors. According to the reports, Terry shot the kid and his 61-years-old wife before pointing out a gun aim at himself.

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In another incident, an 18-month-old baby, Toddler Chloe Wiegand fell down 150ft from the window of a cruise ship while being watched by her grandfather named Salvatore Anello. Later, he was found guilty of negligent killing and managed to escape from jail. Move to 2014 where a man from Florida, Do Spirit killed his family including his daughter and six grandchildren after which, he killed himself.

Who Is Andrez Martina?

The grandfather of a 12-years-old boy, Andrez Martina asked the legal guardian of his grandchild to send him to his house over to sleep. The boy was known as Andre Smith II. According to the registered complaint, On Sunday morning at around 8 AM, the grandmother of the child, Martina sent a text to the legal guardian of Smith, Illysha McCroy for stealing the money.

When she asked where are the child and Martina replied that he is bleeding. Later, the guardian asked her daughter to go to Martina’s house and check the situation of the kid.

The young boy said that he did not steal the money and he turned his pockets inside out to prove to Martina. Martina told to the official that after retrieving the cash from his cousin’s room, he repeatedly hit Smith. As per the complaint, Martina recalled that he is not killing him, he is just cutting his oath.

At one time, when Martina was attacking Smith in the bathroom, he pushed him so hard that his head left a hole on the bathroom’s wall. The younger brother of Smith who has other injuries during this incident told to investigators that Marting used several things including a mallet, coat rack, sledgehammer, and a cane during this attack.

The police say that Smith suffered from several skull fractures. The grandmother of Smith told that she awoke after Matina shouts at him and told to police that she saw Martina hitting his grandchild with a hammer.

While, the mother of Smith, Nakeda Martina told to Fox6 News that my dad killed someone in 1989 and the system again failed to stop him from doing this again. Smith was the last victim.


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