Many social media influencers and celebrities have been grabbing the attention of people everything. These people have lots of talent to share with their fans and the popular Instagram model who is known for her biggest cheeks in the world, Anastasia Pokreshchuk is making headlines on social media. According to the updates, a 33-years-old, Anastasia Pokreshchuk has left her fans stunned as she disclosed her recent cosmetic implants. Her recent pictures after her implant have been circulating on social media and everyone is curious to know about the actress and why did she do even though she has already the biggest cheeks in the world.

Model Anastasia Pokreshchuk

During the implant, Anastasia Pokreshchuk had got more fillers injected into her face. Before spending more than $2000 on her fillers, the Kyiv-based model looked dramatically different with her thin face and brunette wavy hair. Now, the model has become the “biggest cheeks in the world” lady and has highly prominent cheeks as a result of multiple filler injections. Along with her cheeks, she also did experiments with her hair as she dyed her hair a shade of Barbie Pink. Along with her cheeks, her lips have been enlarged over the years.

Who Is Anastasia Pokreshchuk?

She is still a woman who has the biggest cheeks in the world but in order to keep herself on the position as the world’s largest, the model was all set to take herself to another level, and maybe, she got succeed after her last surgery. Recently, she shared a picture of her cheeks with her followers on social media. She recorded herself as the anesthetist injects the liquid into her lower jaws. After leaving the beautician’s clinic, she went to the mall confidently to show off her new cheeks.

At the age of 26, she got surgical treatments done on her body and face. In addition to having the biggest cheeks in the world, she also had veneers, botox injected, and breast implants into her forehead. Because of her cheeks, she earned huge fame around the world. Well, the model loved her appearance,” I love them, I want them to look like this and I’m very happy. I regularly inject other parts of my face myself”.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk used to share her pictures on social media and even, her fans love to see her and leave immense comments and likes. The model has a huge fan following across the world. Stay tuned for more updates here.


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