In the era of social media, any person just becomes the new trend for their some little activities. Now, one of the most prominent teachers of India getting trolled by some netizens on social media. Yes, we are talking about Khan Sir who well-known for his style of teaching. He is very famous for teaching GS in Patna. By the way, he has his own YouTube channel where he uploads his classes in which he teaching GS Research and he is very famous for his own way of teaching that gives lots of funny moments also to all the students.

If we talk about his YouTube channel then the name is Khan GS Research Center and he has over 92 Lakh subscribers. He is talented in teaching any special topics in his own way that also understandable with entertaining. Many people just take admission to his institute to get knowledge in a little different way. He has a separate fanbase across the country. Currently, Khan Sir trolled by millions of people because of giving an inappropriate comment in a video. He made a video on France-Pakistan relations on 24th April 2021. In the video, he talking about many incidents that are not appropriate to talk about.

In the video, he mentioned at one place that large-scale protests are taking place in Pakistan to repatriate the French ambassador. In the protest, children are also participating for Khan Sir to create a video. He said “This poor child is saved in e rally. No one knows what the ambassador is, what he knows. But the French ambassador will be taken out. They do not know anything. But what to do, if 18-19 children are born, then what will be the use? Some will wash the dishes, some will bite the goat, some will make a puncture”.

After that, two groups were made on social media and start a deep conversation in which one in favor of Khan Sir and the other is against. Some of those people even found that some people are seen saying Amit Singh to Khan Sir. After this video post with the hashtag of #AmitSingh then many people posting about it also. Later, some people who have a connection in Gorakhpur and Allahabad found that the real name of Khan Sir is Faizal Khan. The matter taking another turn every moment but Khan Sir never replied regarding this yet. So, everyone is waiting for his reply and we will update all the information here.


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