Who Is Alison Centofante? Age, Bio & Husband – Is She Married? Net Worth Revealed: Alison Centofante, the director of Alliance Relations at Alliance Defending Freedom, works for the support and growth of the federation on the issues related to life, marriage, and religious freedom. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Alison Centofante

Who Is Alison Centofante?

Alison Centofante is the founder of Centofante Strategies. She has also been a child advocacy innovator, an activist, a writer, and a public speaker who is being called by a lot of programs for her performance as a public speaker. Alison Centofante has more than ten years of experience in public speaking on abortion, marriage, human dignity, and religious freedom.

She has been featured through Fox News, ABC, NPR, The Christian Broadcasting Network, and some other national and international media sources. Alison Centofante’s expertise has been published by Yahoo News, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, National Review Online, Fox News, World Magazine, The Federalist, and Red Alert Politics. She is also the Director at Alliance Defending Freedom. Alison Centofante is the Director of External Affairs at Live Action which is a non-profit organization and the largest digital footprint in the global movement pro-life.

Is Alison Centofante married?

Alison Centofante is living in the Huntsville, Alabama area of the United States along with her family members. She is married to David and blessed with a daughter named Grace Anne. Alison Centofante loves to cook food and travel with her husband and daughter.

Apart from the family of Alison Centofante, she is a hard-working woman and a philanthropist. After observing the social media platform of Alison Centofante, it seems that she is a religious person.

Alison Centofante Instagram

Alison Centofante is a very famous social media influencer, and she has a great number of followers. Her Instagram account id is @alison_centofante. She usually publishes a mixture of posts through her social media platforms, and Alison Centofante usually come online on her Instagram more than on her other social media platform.

Alison Centofante Net Worth

According to the sources, Alison Centofante has collected a great amount of money in her entire career by 2022, and in the upcoming months and years, it is expected that Alison Centofante will be earning the double amount of her current amount.

In the current times, Alison Centofante charges from $5,000 to $10,000 for her performance as a public speaker, the amount charged by Alison Centofante, are same for a live event or a virtual event. There are several ways for Alison Centofante to make money as she has been a part of creating different campaigns.


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