Recently, another woman has gone missing named Alexis Gabe who is 24 years old. The police call the public for help to locate Alexis. The last time Gabe was seen was on 26th January 2022. Yes, her car was found unlocked and the keys of the car were also found inside the car just after the next day.

Alexis Gabe

There is numerous news coming to the fore in which many people went missing and the police are working in their full swing to find all the people. Now, another woman has gone missing and police found her car which is unlocked and the keys of the car also found inside it.

Who is Alexis Gabe?

Talking about her last appearance, she was seen in Antioch with an unidentified male familiar. Not only this, but her silver sedan was found on 27th January 2022 and the police began their investigation.

Now, the investigation of the case is going on and many people are very eager to know more information about this news. As she is another girl in a long list of people who went missing and then found dead. The case is very similar to some previous cases in which girls first gone missing and then police discovered their bodies.

After the car of the girl was found in Trenton Street with its keys inside, police become more active on the same case. Along with it, It’s been a few days now, and she didn’t contact her family, which led to police action.

Where Is Alexis Gabe Now?

The police also ask a Facebook group for the help which has been set up to find the people who went missing. There are several people who joined this group and many pictures have been already shared by the netizens on the social media in which people ask their followers about the whereabouts of Alexis Gabe.

Along with it, the family of Gabe also set a GoFundMe page where they asking people to help them in this tragic time. Talking about the page, it said “Any support would be helpful in allowing friends and family to continue efforts to search for her whereabouts, including production of flyers, food, and other materials needed by volunteers”.

According to the sources, Gabe was last seen wearing a white tank top, black jeans, and a pair of green and white Jordans. She is described as an Asian woman who is 5 foot-7 and weighs 170 pounds. Now, if you find any detail related to this matter, contact the officials and help the family of Alexis Gabe.


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