Here we are sharing shocking news with you, Alexis Avila 18 has been charged with the attempted murder of her newborn baby. The event appear on Friday, and evidence was taken. This is a piece of shocking news for the people. We have seen much news to viral on social media, this news is one of them. The child is a newborn baby, how can someone do this with an innocent baby.

Who is Alexis Avila Facebook

People are wondering about the matter, here we will share all the details of the news, you are on the right page for knowing the information. We will try to cover the entire detail in this blog. Let’s continue the article.

Who is Alexis Avila Facebook?

According to the report, Alexia Avila is 18 years old woman, who has been charged with the attempted murder of her newborn baby. The incident appear on Friday, and video evidence was taken. The incident happened around 8 P.m Friday from New Mexico, approximately three miles from the Texas state line, responded to a complaint, and paramedics rushed the newborn to a Lubbock, Texas, hospital.

As per the report, the child’s situation, however, is stated to be stable. The mother of the child, Alexis Avila, was found after investigators used security video from the scene to identify a suspect vehicle. She confesses to giving birth and discarding the child, according to police.

According to the report, New Mexico lacks a safe Haven statute, Which would allow others to abandon newborns up to 90 days old with hospital staff without the concern of criminal punishment if the kid had not been abused or neglacted. On the basis of the report, Avila will be indicted in Lea County District Court.

Hobbs New Mexico Baby Found In Dumpster

The nearest hospital was around four miles away from the abandoned baby. The knowledge of Alexis Avila on Facebook has not been made clear due to a lack of details about the matter. Her face images haven’t been made public, ether, at this moment.

The baby was transferred to a local hospital for care before being sent to Lubbock for better treatment. We pray for baby, that he get well soon. We have shared all the details in this article which we have. If we get anything about the news, we will inform you first on the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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