Who Is Albert Pavon? Teacher Arrested Over Assault On Student: A piece of recent news has come about a school teacher who has been charged with child sexual abuse. Police came to know about him from Erwin High School and they got much evidence from his home. He was the teacher at this school. This news is getting viral and people are searching for this news and want to know the whole story. If you are one of them so you are in the right place. We have collected all the information related to this news. So, let’s find out more about this news. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Albert Pavon

Who Is Albert Pavon?

As per information, Albert Pavon was the teacher at Erwin high school and the principal of the school came to know that he abused children and has a connection with sexual abuse. He was involved in many other illegal things. On the spot, they were informed about this the police officers and police started their investigation of him. In the school, he was the teacher and teach Biology to the students for more than two years. When teachers came to know about him they deleted all the mages from their profiles as this can create a bad impact on the school.

Albert Pavon Erwin High School Teacher Arrested

He is not active on any of the social media platforms where we can find more information about him. Though Police officers have found his house and got much information related to this case which proved that he was involved in such activities. Parents & teachers of the school got worried after hearing this news. People are commenting that they should the background of the teacher while hiring them and parents also should give the knowledge about this and ask them everything related to this. Children should open up and share these things with their parents or teachers.

Why was Albert Pavon Arrested?

This is a piece of good news as Police have found him and now he is under custody. He has been arrested with a fine of $50,000 at the center of Buncombe Country Detention. Police also appreciated Buncombe County Schools and Haywood County which help them to make a search warrant for him and find his residence location. Furthermore, he is also banned from the schools & Universities till he is investigated. As he was charged with disturbing child material and sexual assault. Many cases are coming related to this news, so schools have to take care of this as these types of incidents harm the children physically & mentally.


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