Who Is Adam Schiff? Robert Smigel Arrested Alongside Colbert Staff Members: As you can get an idea of what is going to be in this news by seeing the title, a group of nine people is arrested by the  Capitol police. if you want to know the reason behind this you should read our whole article in which we will mention everything related to this news. So let’s get started. The group comprised nine people who are working for the ” The Late Show” with Stephan Colbert now arrested by the police on Thursday because they were found doing an illegal entry into the House Of Representatives. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Adam Schiff

Who Is Adam Schiff?

One of them is Robert Smigel who is also popular for his character Triumph the insult dog and was also a frequent guest on the CBS show. Allison Martinez is one of them who got arrested as he was the producer of Colbert’s. Another one is the writer whose name is Josh Comers. According to the fox reports, they told that they were trying to take the pictures & videos around the offices, but why they visited there is not revealed till now. As per the source, it’s been said that the production team was presented near the building on Wednesday & Thursday and took shots for the interview segment.

Adam Schiff Arrested

It’s said by the police that when members of this team left the office after taking their last interview, the production team didn’t do and they filmed some comedy elements in the hall. The police get called around 8:30 pm with some disturbance in the building with unlawful entry. Police reached the building and saw seven people without Congressional IDs were on the sixth floor of the building and shooting the video. This group was previously directed by USCP to leave the building but they did the opposite to this.

Robert Smigel Arrested with Adam Schiff

But Thomas Manager who is the Chief of Capitol Police wrote a letter to Davis that he did;t found anything suspicious in the recording which shows that they did something illegal. Many people are coming out to support this group and also supporting them on various social platforms. Lawmakers now want the answers for the arrest of these nine people who didn’t do any crime. They all were taken under custody and forced to spend a night in jail. Now, the police have to give a statement for this step taken by the government too. For more latest updates & information stay tuned with us.


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