Who Is @_erikamdiaz On Tiktok? Erika Diaz Video Viral Over Scrubs Comments: A video of Erika Diaz getting viral on the internet because of the scrubs she wore in the video. As we know social media is a platform where you can share a lot of videos of them with the world and she did the same and now she is getting hated comments against her. Her video has gone viral with 12 million views and people are commenting on her video that she is showing her attractiveness being a nurse she shouldn’t be wearing these types of tight clothes. People want to know more about it so we have mentioned all about her below. Let’s have a look Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Erika Diaz

Who Is Erika Diaz?

She is a social media influencer and a nurse and she also worked as a volunteer she is just 22 years old and she posted a lot of videos on her TikTok account. Her TikTok account name is @_erikamdiaz and she is now getting into controversy after she posts a video & photos of her wearing a scrub. She posts her daily life and she can easily manage two jobs. Her outfit became the reason tik-tokers trolled her. Well, she managed to do gym in this busy schedule this shows how hard-working she is.


some people just have an issue with my body not my scrubs and it shows

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Why did Erika Got Trolled?

As she is a nurse by profession so she has to be in her uniform and she posted her videos & photos in the uniform. The video shows that she is showing her body-hugging scrub which shows her body curves and people suggest she bring an oversized scrub and this outfit is not appropriate for this place. Her video reached 12.5 million views and people are making many comments. Some of them are supporting her and many are against her information and on this, she came forward and replied to all her haters.


rare sight of me wearing my scrub top lmao i hate them

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Erika Diaz Video Viral

One of his followers said that let the women live as they want and another said you should buy an oversized scrub. She posted the video with the caption that people have an issue with her body, not with my scrubs. She also said that she is 5’2 and 107 lbs and her height is short no one asked her about her back problems as she is serving people & she is doing two jobs with studying and others’ opinions are irrelevant. Now people are coming in support of her also she is not affected by people’s reviews. Stay connected with us for the latest updates.

Erika Diaz Erika Diaz


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