TikTok is a name that has always maintained its popularity by appearing in the trends among billions of users worldwide. Yes, the platform again hitting the trending section because of its another song named “Who Driving This Bus”. The new meme “Who Driving This Bus” is currently trending when people started copying the tirade of a man who went through a rough ride.

Who Driving This Bus Trend on TikTok full details

The song is actually getting much attention from the audience and millions of people already created their videos on this brilliant song. Along with the trend, many TikTok users are also searching to know the meaning of the song.

Who Driving This Bus Trend on TikTok?

So far, the trend on every social media is appearing in which people sharing memes with a text overwritten the image “Who Driving This Bus”. You might be heard the song once or twice when you scroll your favorite social media platform because it has been spread everywhere.

As all of us know that several TikTok users come up with several funny videos and original content that become viral on different social media platforms. Many people start creating their own videos on some trending songs, videos, and other themes. If you want to watch the ongoing trend then several videos of this trend are available on the platforms.

Normally, people try to make their videos humorous in their own way by showing their best creativity. Many people become very popular because of their only one video in which they show their best. Since this new sound pivots around the app, people surely wonder where the meme initiated.

Talking about the trend that is going on right now, it has already been used in 307 videos. Along with it, the trend has crossed 359.9K views. As the video creators say, the meme depicts the laughable effect of “a ratchet blonde girl on the bus”. TikTok is a very big platform where 689 million users show their creative ideas.

There are various users who create their original content and maintain their popularity among millions of users and also collect lots of love from the audience by showing some new ideas. If you want to use or watch the videos of the most trending song “Who Driving This Bus” then you just need to visit the TikTok platform.

Now, many users are trying to make their videos viral on the platform by showing their creativeness to millions of users. Now, just stay connected with us to know more information related to the trending news.


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