Where Is Shihab Chittur Now? Live Location, Age, Instagram, Family: Do you know who is Shihab Chittur? If you are known to Shihab Chittur then you must be aware of his instincts, dedications, and vows. Shihab Chittur has become the topic of the town since he announced nearly an impossible task. According to the report, Shihab Chittur decided to attend Hajj 2023 by reaching Mecca, Saudi Arabia on his foot. Yes, you heard it right, Shihab Chittur has decided to attend Hajj next year by reaching Saudi Arabia on foot. Since people have heard about his decision and devotedness to Allah people have started searching for Shihab Chittur and they are eager to find out where he is right now. If you are also curious to learn about Shihab Chittur then read down further given sections of this article. Kindly scroll down the page for more details. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Shihab Chittur

Where Is Shihab Chittur Now?

As per the source, Shihab Chittur started his journey to Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the month of July 2022 and he is determined to reach Mecca, Saudi Arabia by the month of February next year. We know it sounds quite impressive but how hard it is and what he is going to face in his journey only he knows. As per the source, Shihab Chittur is a Kerala man. Kindly shift to the next section for further details and updates.

Who Is Shihab Chittur?

Now everyone is eager and curious to find out where Shihab Chittur is now. As per the report, the Kerala man has reached Gujarat. Recently, Shihab Chittur posted an update on his Youtube channel where he revealed that he has reached Gujarat, India from Kerala state. Shihab Chittur chose to attend Hajj next year in Macca, Saudi Arabia by reaching their traditional transportation medium despite having ample options to reach there. Scroll down the screen for more details.

Shihab Chittur Live Location

Shihab Chittur revealed that he was preparing for this journey for a long time and he was quite anticipating reaching Saudi Arabia by passing through India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait. As per the source, Shihab Chittur is a young man whose age is 29 years and he is determined to complete this journey. Currently, he is in the news headlines because of his heroic guts and determination to visit the holy place of Mecca on his foot. Moreover, he is regularly sharing his updates via his Youtube channel. Currently, Shihab Chittur’s Youtube channel is available with 450K subscribers.


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