Today we will talk about Lamar Odom, Lamar Odom used to play in NBA Los Angeles Lakers. However, most of the news spreading on the internet about him. he creates off-field rather than his performance on-field. He proved himself as a phenomenal basketball player, but he is someone who gets into the problem and again. His fans have concerned for him and they pray for a better life.

Comments Go Viral On Twitter Explained

He is a famous personality, he is very popular among the people. He has a good fan following. He is a good player of basketball. Here we will try to cover all the details about this news, you are on the right page for knowing the information, we will try to cover the entire details in this article.

Where Is Lamar Odom Today?

Several people are wondering where is he today, As Lamar Odom is surrounded by backlash on Twitter. according to the sources he is in the United States in his home. Lamar is active on Instagram, he has shared a post one day ago. News is Lamar is getting backlash recently because of a clip of him saying he left Taraji P. Henson has resurfaced for Khole Kardashian.

People are very unhappy and angry with him and they are telling him that he never deserved Taraji. According to him, social media is more baleful than drugs, and if the media want to use his old footage, surely he gets his part in the revenue. Odam is rehabilitating drug addict.

If we talk about his relationship status, Odam’s ex-wife Khole Kardashian. They got married after dating for a month. They were featured together in the popular show keeping Up with the Kardashians and his show and Lamar.

Comments Go Viral On Twitter Explained!

But the couple divorced after Lamar’s drug addiction and brothel incidence.  This proved good for him, this show has made him a household name, mainly for people who did not know him from basketball.

If we put the light on his net worth, so it can be more than $30 million. he made his destiny from his career in his game basketball, Tv shows and various brands linkage also include in this. multiple ventures are possible because of his basketball career. He is putting in his hard work to improve giving up drugs, and several fans are supporting him for his effort.

Twitter is flurrying with negative comments about him, people are trolling him for his activity. People are showing hatred toward him on several social media platforms due to Lamar’s relation with Taraji p. Henson and leaving her for Khole. People are saying he doesn’t deserve Taraji. He is not able for her.


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